Ben & Abhi Show

Ben & Abhi Show

Each week Ben & Abhi answer junior and beginning developers' questions about life as a web developer.

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    #13 There Is Nothing to Fear with Change

    Change can be scary sometimes... especially if it is happening faster than we can adjust to it. In this show we analyze all the emotions and arguments around change and help form an intelligent guiding principle.

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    #12 PSA - Beware of Your Negative Attitude (The Darkside)

    Negative people are a drain... sometimes we are negative! LOL. We all are a Negative Nancy every now and then. Recognize quickly when it happens and change your path in order to stay as productive as possible. This show examines the issues and gives you the tools to stay on the straight path and not get distracted by emotions.

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    #11 Your Good Idea Should Not Be A Secret

    Every developer has a startup idea(s) but only good developers talk about it to anyone who will listen. Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) are not needed 90%+ of the time and trying to keep an idea secret will cause more harm than good. Listen and learn how to correctly think about and use a startup idea.

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    #8 When to Shave Yaks, Switch Frameworks and Refactor Code

    When learning web development it is very tempting switch mid-project do a different framework, whilst in the pursuit of the "best" stack or get stuck in endless refactor cycles of making your code "better". We debunk these myths and give a solid route to help you decide when, why and how to switch code frameworks and/or refactor.

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    #6 Know Your Role // How to Work with Smart People

    Everyday we work side-by-side with peeps who are smarter than us…. I am talking straight up legit geniuses. Working with them is not always easy but the benefits are enormous. In this show we give you the encouragement and some insight into working with them and not against or below them.

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